We are pleased to announce a new release of Strymon Core. This release comes with a redesigned publish-subscribe subsystem, overhauled documentation and testing, and other various bug fixes and improvements.

Notable changes

We have merged 23 pull requests since the last release. Some notable changes include:

  • We introduced a new, slimmer client library for writing Strymon jobs. The new library also implements our completely redesigned publish-subscribe protocol, which preserves epoch atomicity and supports subscribing to multiple stream partitions at once. The design document for the new mechanism can be found on our website. PR #25, #30.
  • The source code of all our library crates is now fully documented and enforces the #![deny(missing_docs)] lint. We now also host the API documentation for Strymon Core on our website. PR #26, #28, #37, #43, and #45.
  • We have continued the modularization of strymon-core into smaller crates. See our navigating the source code document for a brief overview. PR #33.
  • Incoming requests in strymon_communication can now have a custom associated type, allowing for stricter type checks at compile-time. PR #22.
  • Strymon v0.2 is now based on Timely and Differential Dataflow v0.5. PR #35.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning our GitHub repository or download a tarball from the release archive.